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Science Can Explain the Origins of Conflict

Don Herbert, the B-24 bomber pilot who flew combat missions with the Fifteenth Air Force in World War II, flying out of Italy, to all us old folks will always be the guy who found something useful to do after … Continue reading

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Going Visual

There is no Thursday night column.  It was a day for photography – a drive down to Venice, to visit the art community.  The whole coast was socked in, and here you’ll find two fine old buildings, one from 1906 … Continue reading

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Good Morning Vietnam

Hollywood is conventionally subversive, so you get things like that 1987 anti-war movie – Barry Levinson directs Robin Williams showing us the madness and futility of our involvement in Vietnam, long after it mattered to anyone, but not so far … Continue reading

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Nasty Useful Habits

William Saletan, the fellow who wrote Bearing Right: How Conservatives Won the Abortion War, knows a thing or two about effective political strategy.  He knows what works, and why it works.  And now, as Slate’s national correspondent, if you can … Continue reading

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Thought Crime

It’s that Padilla case again.  On Saturday, August 18, Ric in Paris sent along what he had found in the New York Times that day (the item is available in full here) –   The central charge against Mr. Padilla … Continue reading

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Silence Matters

Of course silence matters quite a bit.  You can make a political point of that – democracy only functions when people decide sitting back and accepting whatever is done in their name, and with their tax dollars, just won’t do.  … Continue reading

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Sometimes There Is No Agreement

On March 3, 1991, Rodney King, on parole for a robbery conviction, led police on a high speed pursuit here in Los Angeles.  In an interview King later said that he didn’t pull over as he just didn’t want to … Continue reading

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