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Summer Ends in Silence

There is no Sunday evening column – out of town for the Labor Day ball games and picnics with the family a hundred miles south of Hollywood. There may be a Monday evening column, but that depends on the traffic … Continue reading

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Not Today

There is no Tuesday evening column – an unexpected visit from someone far away – a full day and evening of catching up. The world can wait.

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Taking Leave

There is no Thursday evening column – family event down south – the Colonel is home from Kabul on leave. There will be a Friday evening column.

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The Christmas Pause

There is no Sunday evening column. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and the long drive south for Christmas with the family – the sister and the nephews, and their wives, and wall-to-wall kids, and the two cats hiding under the furniture. … Continue reading

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Going Dark

It’s time for a pause, and Thanksgiving weekend with family far from here in Hollywood. Commentary will resume in a few days, if there’s something to talk about. But there always is of course.

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Misusing Newton

Actions have consequences. That’s pretty obvious. You learn that in basic science – for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. See Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica (Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy) – Isaac Newton, 1687, his laws of … Continue reading

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Bitter Realism

Some of us – we’re old now – remember the images. It was Hungary in 1956 – in October of that year there was an uprising, the Hungarians deciding they’d had enough of that Stalinist crap and it was time … Continue reading

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