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Read All About It

Well, just look at the chart – this Great Recession, as many call it, is far worse than all modern American downturns. And this one’s different – the result of a financial industry collapse, not that it matters much when you’ve … Continue reading

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The End of the Chicago Cult

Well, back in 1978, Jonestown came to a bad end – Jim Jones, the funky Kool-Aid, all the dead people. In 1993 there was that Waco business – seventy-six people dead in the fire, including twenty-one children and two pregnant … Continue reading

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Change Coming, in the Form of Doom

Some of us find perky optimists really irritating. Turn that frown upside down, embrace life, and sing that damned song from Annie, Tomorrow. The clip at the link shows the impossibly cute orphan singing the song to FDR, while a … Continue reading

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No One to Blame, Really, And It May Not Matter

Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving, the beginning of the traditional Holiday shopping season – but it’s supposed to be a good day. Lots of folks have the Friday after Thanksgiving off and the stores are jammed, as duty, … Continue reading

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Hoover Again

Thursday, December 4 – an odd day in Hollywood, low clouds and ground fog at dawn, and helicopters right over the roof. One block south and one block west, a fire down on the Sunset Strip – a somewhat famous … Continue reading

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The Shape of Things to Come

Future History, as a genre, is a hoot, but oddly compelling – you look around you and, seeing what you see, you extrapolate. The classic comes from 1933 – H. G. Wells’ The Shape of Things to Come. From the … Continue reading

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Not to Worry

Friday, September 5, thing were supposed to settle down. The political conventions were finally over, capped by John McCain’s workmanlike speech – long on character (he has it, he says), and short on the issues. In fact the issues didn’t … Continue reading

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