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Playing Marco Polo

Marco Polo is that children’s game that proves humans aren’t bats – it’s all about acoustical location. It’s a form of hide-and-seek where the person who’s “it” closes his or her eyes and shouts out “Marco” and everyone else is … Continue reading

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The Pause That Refreshes

Ah, finally a slow news day. Monday was the Republican debate – where Newt Gingrich was oddly subdued and methodically torn apart by Mitt Romney’s surprisingly focused ridicule of him – and then Tuesday was Obama’s State of the Union address – the … Continue reading

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Just Two Different Ways of Looking at Things

Tuesday, February 24, was the Barack and Bobby Show – Obama’s formal address to a joint session of Congress, on where we seem to be as a nation and what his administration plans to do, as best they can – … Continue reading

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Feels Like Civil War Brewing Again

Perhaps it was inevitable. We had that Civil War almost one hundred forty years ago, and, if you’ve ever lived in the South, you know they’re not happy with how that one turned out – people still mutter that the … Continue reading

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