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Unease in the Absence of Drama

There’s a rule out here in Hollywood – ignore them. They’ll appreciate it and you won’t come off as a jerk, as some yokel from Iowa who just saw a movie star and wet his pants. Locals know this. Nod … Continue reading

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Hillary and Joan and Bibi

Former English teachers probably shouldn’t be allowed to vote in presidential elections. Those Shakespeare characters keep getting in the way. Some things are inevitable. The younger Bush was bound to be Prince Hal, the heavy drinker and general goofball who … Continue reading

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Marginal Nastiness as Strategy

Abraham Lincoln said it best – “Quotes you find on the internet might not always be accurate.” He didn’t say that? Who knew? Life can be so disappointing, but then some quotes do float free of attribution – someone should … Continue reading

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Assisted Annihilation

The loyal opposition is beginning to get it – no one sees them as loyal anymore, except to a steadily shrinking minority of old white guys, mainly from the South, with guns, and loyal to a few grumpy billionaires with … Continue reading

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Anticipating the Democratic National Convention

See John Harwood in the New York Times blog, The Caucus. Political conventions have been dying, even if dying very slowly:   The first blow came from presidential primaries, whose growth in recent decades has taken the power to select … Continue reading

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The Biden Gambit

Saturday, August 23, 2008 – Obama and Biden Team Makes Public Debut (Reuters) – and that was that:   Obama tapped the Delaware senator, a leading voice on international affairs, as his vice presidential running mate earlier on Saturday.   … Continue reading

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A Quiet Friday in August

Friday, August 8, should have been a quiet news day. Click on the cable news channels – this regular host or that is on vacation, and that makes sense. The party conventions are two weeks off and congress is in … Continue reading

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